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Question Set 1






Scott has just turned his back on his partner Les Skandell & decides to dance his own moves,  he then practices his moves and is seen by a new Spanish beginner named Fran.  He catches her spying and she tells him that she wants to dance with him, at first he doesn’t want to but then she shows him and he decides to dance with her, In the photo above the spotlight and his backed turned makes him look lonely and that he doesn’t belong.



Question Set 2






The two keep dancing and a close up of her feet is shown to tell the audience that this is an important moment, Earlier in the scene he didn’t care about Fran but now that he has seen her dances he appreciates and cares for her more, the two keep dancing and they both teach each other moves, their also starts to become a connection between the two and they both do not feel lonely, connections are formed mainly by respect and being friendly and sharing responsibilities and this is why their starts to become a connection.