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Part A:



What does belonging mean to you?

To be a part of something, connections among other people, belonging home, relations with people and having friends that are there for you and have your back instead of being left out. For example a group of individuals and/or families who choose to share some form of activity or identity together. Being able to participate in formerly large groups of people and being able to have fun. If you have problems with people and you got no one to talk to, you can always belong in a community that give out activities to talk about their feelings together as a group.

Some people do not belong. Describe the two perspectives of not belonging:



A Jewish person can convert to a Muslim if he likes but a Muslim cant convert to a Jewish this shows us who belongs and who doesn’t belong.



A person from overseas cannot join the Lebanese army because he must be fully Lebanese and must be born in Lebanon and this shows how he is excluded from the army.



What are the implications of belonging to a group:



The implications of belonging is to fit into a group, meet new people, make new friends and to find out what you have in common with other people. You can do lots of useful  work  for your community..