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Question Set 1





Scott meets the Spanish community because Fran has just left the state championship and Scott wants to ask her to dance with him, Frans father catches him trying to talk to Fran and they get into an argument , Fran than says he knows a bit of the Paso Doble and decides to dance in their backyard, the Spanish community and also Frans father laugh at him because he is very bad at it. Frans mother pounds the rhythm on Scotts chest to teach him the rhythm of the song, this makes him dance a lot better and he becomes friends with the Spanish community even though he doesn’t understand their language which makes him look like an outsider



Question Set 2





Scott continues to dance with Frans father as he learns the Paso Doble whereas Yahya teaches him to have pride in what he is dancing and who his partner,  Scott now belongs with the Spanish community even though he doesn’t understand Spanish. This shows that for you to join a community you must be willing to learn from what they teach and you must also be respectfully and friendly to the community that you are willing to become friends. Scott practices till the morning with Frans father until he finally learns it.